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Big Rock Records Logo Timeline.

Where I started with the Big Rock Records logo and where I ended up. 

I knew that Rich the owner is a massive Dimebag fan so I wanted to include his famous Razorback guitar shape in the logo somehow. I honed that down to something we liked and then found the perfect font in Baron Kuffner.

Victoria Staff – Professional Organiser

Victoria came to me wanting to put together a website for the launch of her professional organisation company website. Victoria had an idea of what she wanted the site to look like and presented me with a mood board with ideas of layout, typography and colours.

I ended up taking it right back to basics and designing Victoria a logo, website, business cards and sourcing the images and fonts. Victoria has gone on to use the font files and logo to create stationery, advertising and a car wrap

We decided early on that we wanted to go down the route of one clean flowing page, no sub pages for the user to link to and get distracted from the core message of the site. You can see from the website that Victoria has ended up with a fresh, clean and easy to navigate site that is appealing to the eye and looks great on all devices from a large desktop to a mobile device.

The first website was built from the ground up using pure html5, css3, php and java script all created using the bootstrap framework optimising it for all devices. The second generation of the site has been built in WordPress using the Divi framework. 


250f BBQ

250fBBQ is mainly a blog site. It is my passion project. It features regular updates, musings, recipes, gear reviews and sometimes just random stories about what has happened to me.

Well, that was the idea. But in reality it’s difficult to find the time to write good content that can be used.

This site has been built using the Divi framework on a WordPress backend.

I loved building this site and enjoy updating it even more when I can.

Ximena Pinena

Ximena came to me with an idea to build a site that links to all her social media and web shop. She wanted a page that she could send people to that would give them the option to link to any one aspect of her professional portfolio.

One of the best things about working on Ximena’s site was she would hand draw all the icons used on the site! So every time we wanted to change something, she would draw it up and I would implement it.

This site has ended up as everything she asked for; it’s clean, fresh and very easy on the eye and I think it looks great!

The website was built from the ground up using pure html5, css3, php and java script all created using the bootstrap framework optimising it for viewing on all devices.

The Doghouse TW11

Simon first approached me looking for a website for his recording studio and writing suite that he was putting together. After our initial chat we decided that he also needed a logo.

My first job was to look at the company and come up with some ideas for a logo. I presented Simon with an art board of ideas and some initial logo thoughts. Simon picked the direction he preferred the most and I went away and refined the idea. We ended up with the logo you see today, a play on the London underground sign but using a vinyl in the background instead.

After the logo was done I started working on the  website. The studio is all about its vintage and outboard equipment so I decided that we would feature an individual piece of the studios equipment in the background of each page, but in a slightly fuzzy black and white. I love the idea of using mixing desk knobs as the menu items. All the icons on the site we drawn by me, using Affinity Designer and the photos were edited using Affinity Photo, including the cassette on the gear page, which I am especially proud of.

The website ended up being a great showcase of the studio and we are both really happy with the final outcome.

The website was built on the WordPress platform using Elegant Themes Divi framework. Angry Panda supplies the SSL certificates, hosts and maintains the website.


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